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Now that you’re ready to create a great Student Government website, here’s what you need to do next.

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Fill out this form to confirm that you want SG Websites by ASGA to create, maintain, and update your new SG website!

Once you’re signed up, please complete the following:

Select an ASGA Liaison

Select a point of contact in your organization who will communicate with ASGA throughout the website development process. This must be someone who can assist with procurement of all needed editorial materials, review and approve changes, and make final decisions.

Choose Package Level

Select from 3 different levels of website content: Essential, Enhanced, and Advanced. An Essential website starts with the necessary ingredients of a good SG website, and each level up includes additional resources.

Choose Theme Option

Select one of 8 different WordPress themes for your site. Thoroughly review the demos of each theme:

Every theme is different, and each has its positives and negatives. No theme can be manipulated into doing everything, so a good rule of thumb is to try to utilize the theme’s existing structure to incorporate your content, rather than try to force the theme into doing things it wasn’t designed to do.

Provide Domain Name Options

Your website will need a domain name that reflects your SG. Please provide a list of 5 potential domain names. We will research their availability and you can decide which one to use for your site. Please use this guide:

  • (YourSGAcronym).org
  • (YourSchoolAcronym)(SG).org

Provide Editorial Materials

ASGA will need materials from you to set up and populate your website with content, such as:

  • Photos (highest resolution possible)
  • Logos (transparent PNG format)
  • Other graphics as needed (event logos, discount card design, etc.)
  • Documents (PDF format)
  • Editorial content
  • Officer/Member/Advisor information (name, position, term of office, contact information, etc.)

Use this checklist to track the gathering and uploading of your materials based on your plan level (Essential Checklist / Enhanced Checklist / Advanced Checklist).

ASGA will provide an online repository where you can upload all of your materials.