SG Websites by ASGA offers three pricing levels for Student Governments, depending on the complexity of your website. There are bonus services available for fees.

Package Pricing

All three packages (Essential, Enhanced, and Advanced) include the following services:

  1. Domain name registration and management
  2. WordPress site hosting and management
  3. WordPress Theme licensing and management
  4. Website design and setup

The pricing for these packages is:

  • Essential: $1,750.00 initial year / $1,000.00 annual renewal
  • Enhanced: $2,500.00 initial year / $1,500.00 annual renewal
  • Advanced: $3,500.00 initial year / $2,000.00 annual renewal

Annual Recurring Fees

Payment for these required services is included in your annual Package renewal as long as ASGA maintains your website:

  1. Domain name registration, renewal, and management
  2. WordPress site hosting, renewal, and management
  3. WordPress Theme licensing, renewal, and management

Additional Fees

Payment for these services will be billed as needed for your website operation and management:

  1. WordPress Plugins requiring purchase/renewal (annual)
  2. Special Website content/design updates beyond the package’s included services ($100 per hour)